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Please watch the service overview video below to learn more about what's included with Premium Online Coaching at Peak Periodization and the Coaching Application process. As an online fitness coach in Canada, I'm looking forward to showing you how I can help you reach your health and fitness goals!

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Online Fitness Coach Canada
Premium Online Coaching Service Overview

Results Driven Coaching

Premium Online Coaching Includes

Customized Workout Plan

Receive a comprehensive, structured and auto-regulated resistance training program customized based on a set of tests and assessments, assuring your plan is catered to you as an individual. It will be flexible and account for missed workouts due to unforeseen circumstances to ensure you are continuously progressing toward your fitness goals. You will know what to do every day of the week, with clear instructions on performance targets so that your scheduled workouts have a clear objective.

Customized Nutrition Plan

Receive a nutrition plan including caloric and macronutrient targets or general diet guidelines. This includes recommended food choices for satiety, health, micro-nutrition and a meal plan if required. It is my firm belief you should rarely be hungry and enjoy every meal you eat while following a well-designed nutrition plan. Whether you thrive off of more structure or flexibility, I will design a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle, so that you remain adherent.

Technique Analysis

Submit your technique videos along with your scheduled weekly check-ins and receive detailed instructions on how to improve your lifting technique. I use motion tracking software to help communicate with clients and ensure you are getting the most out of the exercises while staying safe in the process.

Supplement Recommendations

Receive a recommended supplementation protocol to support your nutritional plan. Although, supplements aren’t a crucial part of my coaching and I tend to save my clients a lot more money than they would otherwise spend on supplements that may not be necessary.

Lifestyle Advice

Receive lifestyle advice, including sleep optimization, stress management, dealing with social pressure, learning how to eat out at restaurants and travel while staying on plan, etc. An often overlooked aspect of acquiring results, my assistance in managing these variables ensures that you are benefiting the most from your training and nutrition protocol. As someone who has family and other life obligations, I know what it's like to combine resistance training and dieting with everyday life.

Continuous Support

Receive access to my clients-only inbox with unlimited room for questions, provided that they are personally relevant to you at the time of the coaching. My response time is always under 24 hours, including weekends and holidays. Part of my service to you is keeping you accountable and ensuring your plan is continuously monitored and updated so that progress remains continuous. Following your scheduled weekly check-in, you will receive a detailed video response from me reviewing your progress and highlighting areas of opportunity going forward to improve your results.

Brodie Giesbrecht - Peak Periodization

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